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A fully cooked boned-in 5-7 kgs. Ham distinctive in taste and flavor coupled with sugar glaze. Definitely, this ham is the star of the Christmas occasion.

Made with selected pork lean meat materials matched with selected unique spices that suits your taste and the budget for the Holiday season.

You’ll love our fully cooked, premium hams that conveniently come in 1 kilo packaging. Seasoned with a selection of spices and specially packed pineapple sauce. Comes in pear-shaped, for easier slicing. Definitely perfect for the family in Christmas celebration.



Delicious Tins Pineapple Ball Ham comes from carefully selected trimmed and deboned meat, marinated, slowly smoked to allow you to enjoy the best flavor matched with the perfect pineapple sauce. Indeed a smart way for your holiday gatherings to leave a memorable occasion.

Made with selected chicken deboned meat materials that is ideal for gift giving.



Christmas Hams

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