See the Pen Its snowing!.

Company Profile


BELCRIS FOODS, INC. started its operation in 1997 with 3 products, 3 chest type freezers and 3 personnel, managed by Ms. IsaBEL and Ms. CHRIStine being enjoyed as their leisure pursuit or past time. It is fully materialized its operations in 2002 with the help of competent people. The business has made its name in the food processing industry, concentrating on frozen processed meat products such as bacon, hams and sausages and other quality frozen breakfast products and Euro-Sausages bearing TINS as Brand Name. We are also the exclusive Distributor of McCain Products (Frozen Potato) and an Importer of U.S. Beef Products.


Because of our aim to continuously improve, coupled with quality customer service, we have become and is still one of the most valuable suppliers of most hotels, resorts and restaurants not only here in Cebu, but other neighboring provinces across the country.



Vision, Mission, and Core Values